Friday, 27 January 2012


This is the feedback given form my class after the screening. I was very pleased with the feedback given, due to no things needing development and everything working. It shows that every thing that I have worked on again and again was worth it. 5 out of 7 people have circled 'Whys isn't it on MTV already?' which shows that it definitely has potential and is a successful music video.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I have posted my final video on my Facebook page asking the audience what they think of it. And these are the results:

Some people have messaged me personally with feedback:
  • Original,
  • Looks like out of a horror movie,
  • Depressing in a good way and very cool,
  • 9 out of 10,
  • I watched it twice which means I like it,
  • The video has been professionally made,
  • Great,
  • Wow, amazing. But I could not sleep if I watched it before bed.

Friday, 6 January 2012


This is my second to final video (Before the changes have been made)

As I have finished my music video looking at the feedback it needed some changes. So, on the week that I have came back I have re-edited a few bits. I have added the bath scene and walking on the broken mirror scene which has worked very well within my music video, giving it more of a story line. However, as I have reviewed it a few times I have noticed a few errors and changes which could be done. These are the changes made:
My long planned cross dissolve plan has finally been completed and works much better than just a black background for a few seconds. I have came across to this change as I have always planend to do it but never managed to do it. As I was experimenting with it I have found it very successful and therefore I have decided to change it.

My next change was for the new bath scene as when I have viewed it enough times I have realized that my whole face goes under the water and the next shot is of me getting in the water. This has made me change the order of the shots, which I believe have also worked well.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


I have decided to make a new scruffy drawing due to the other one not fitting in with the shot of the girl. I want this image to fade into the girl singing, which means that it has to be from the same shot. I do not like this scruffy drawing as much, and I do prefer the previous one due to the detail on the face, but this image did not have much detail as a torch was shone on the face. However, weather it is successful or not will be seen when it all gets animated. I cannot do the animation just yet as I do not have Final Cut Pro at home.


Whilst filming in the bath tub I have found it very challenging. This is because I cannot hold my breath underwater, when my whole plan was to go under water.  I believe that even though it was very challenging I have managed to get me being under water for a few seconds. However, as one of my shots was to gasp for air I have breathed in a lot of water at the back of my throat and nearly chocked. But apart from that i did manage to get a few good shots.

 Walking on the broken mirror was much more successful and easier than going under water. I did not get hurt and the torch affect looked very good. This I would could successful, no doubt. However, I did have some difficulties as my kitten kept running on the mirror and kept sliding on it causing it to go all over my room. This problem was solved by shutting the door.